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The Dr. Samantha Wrighting books

Orthodontic fiction by Catherine Aimes

    Dr. Samantha Wrighting is the fictional Intraoral Press house orthodontist, and Catherine Aimes's novels and story collections describe the experiences of some of her patients.

Dr. Samantha Wrighting books currently available:
Retainer Girl
Love and Braces
The Braced Experience
A Bracing Life: The Dr. Samantha Wrighting Interview
Bracing Daydreams
Braced in Wedlock
Braces and Beyond
Mothers, Daughters, Braces new!

The Erotic Orthodontic Encounter series:
Braced for Seduction new!
Living the Braced Fantasy
Bracing Times with Cecilia
The Braced Tease
Notwithstanding Braces

The Dr. Samantha Wrighting shorts (only available as e-books):
Madison's Braces
Lights, Camera, Braces!

    A reminder: Dr. Samantha Wrighting isn't your typical orthodontist. These books are works of fiction, and so there is some exaggeration and fantasy involved. Because of this they are probably not suitable for younger (pre-teen) readers, or impressionable readers who have not yet visited an actual orthodontist.

About Dr. Wrighting's practice:

  • Dr. Wrighting specializes in orthodontics for girls and women
  • Dr. Wrighting specializes in recalcitrant cases girls whose previous orthodontic treatment failed because of lack of patient cooperation, or who have been reluctant to get orthodontic treatment (though such patients only constitute a small percentage of her total caseload)
  • Dr. Wrighting specializes in cases with special requirements, such as patients who cannot wear fixed appliances because of public appearances (actresses) (though such patients also only constitute a small percentage of her total caseload)
  • Dr. Wrighting's premium care means that treatment costs are generally about 25% to 33% higher than standard fees

  • Dr. Wrighting uses the appliances she deems most appropriate in each case. Patient comfort and concerns about the appearance of the braces are secondary
  • Dr. Wrighting does not believe that speed is everything. Her only concern is with the final outcome, so treatment time may be longer than other orthodontists would take
  • Dr. Wrighting is a strong proponent of the use of extraoral appliances (headgear) where appropriate, and most patients can expect wear one for some part of their treatment
  • Dr. Wrighting's examination chairs have a seat-harness and wrist restraints. Patients who do not agree to the use of restraints will not be strapped down against their will, but the majority of patients understand that it makes their sessions easier for both them and Dr. Wrighting

  • Dr. Wrighting tries to prepare patients for what they will face as well as possible, providing information about what to expect at each session and encouraging an exchange of information with other patients both in her offices and on the office website
  • Dr. Wrighting works together with a braces counselor, Dr. Allegretta, to help patients deal with the psychological impact of having braces
  • Dr. Wrighting expects strong family support for her patients while they are undergoing orthodontic treatment, including close monitoring of patients to ensure that they comply fully with Dr. Wrighting's instructions

    Our orthodontic fiction is solely meant as entertainment, not information that patients or their parents should rely on. Always consult a dentist or orthodontist about any questions about orthodontic treatment.

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