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Living the Braced Fantasy: An Erotic Orthodontic Encounter on Kindle

190 pages     •     ISBN: 978-1-300-49856-8     •     $ 17.95 / $ 5.99

An Erotic Orthodontic Encounter
A Dr. Samantha Wrighting novel

by Catherine Aimes

    Living the Braced Fantasy – the orthodontic Fifty Shades of Grey! – is the fourth in Intraoral Press's Erotic Orthodontic Encounter series.

    Sally was one of those girls who didn’t mind having braces when she was a kid. She was even disappointed that the experience was over so quickly and that she didn’t get to wear some of the accessories other kids got. Now in her twenties, the thought or sight of braces still makes her tingle. When she discovers her boyfriend, Jacob, is also drawn to braces she decides to risk it and try living the braced fantasy. Orthodontist Dr.Samantha Wrighting is willing to indulge her for a year – but there are some conditions. And there’s a price Jacob has to pay too. Sally gets braced – but can reality live up to her fantasy? Or does having braces turn out to be better than anything in her wildest imagination?

    Braces, elastics, retainers, headgear and more: Sally faces it all. Is it too much for her? Is it too much for Jacob? Or is living the braced fantasy really the greatest climax of them all?

    Living the Braced Fantasy takes the Dr.Samantha Wrighting novels to a whole new level. Meet an empowered heroine who wants to have braces – and who gets what she wants! But over the course of her roller-coaster ride of a braced year she goes through ups and downs in dealing with what Dr.Wrighting has in mind for her, and how her friends, family, and boyfriend react.

    In Living the Braced Fantasy Sally – and Dr.Wrighting – take readers to unimagined orthodontic pleasures.

Available from Lulu in print and as ebook

Or buy Living the Braced Fantasy on Kindle in the US (for just $ 5.99) or at any of the international Amazon stores.

    A reminder: Dr. Samantha Wrighting isn't your typical orthodontist. Living the Braced Fantasy is a work of fiction, and so there is some exaggeration and fantasy involved. Because of this it is probably not suitable for younger (pre-teen) readers, or impressionable readers who have not yet visited an actual orthodontist.

     Living the Braced Fantasy is an Erotic Orthodontic Encounter and includes some sexual situations and stimulation. There is explicit language and it is for more mature readers.

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    Our orthodontic fiction is solely meant as entertainment, not information that patients or their parents should rely on. Always consult a dentist or orthodontist about any questions about orthodontic treatment.

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