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Bracing Times with Cecilia: An Erotic Orthodontic Encounter at

132 pages     •     ISBN: 978-1-105-27623-1     •     $ 16.95 / $ 5.99

An Erotic Orthodontic Encounter
A Dr. Samantha Wrighting novel

by Catherine Aimes

    A novel of love, lust, and braces, Bracing Times with Cecilia is the third in Intraoral Press's Erotic Orthodontic Encounter series.

    Cecilia is a junior in college. On the one hand, she’s beautiful, from a wealthy family, smart and charming. On the other hand ... she has braces. Roger is torn, attracted to everything about her — but her braces are impossible to overlook. Drawn to one another, they begin a relationship — but Cecilia’s orthodontic issues, her tingrin smile, and the demands she makes don’t make it easy for Roger.

    Bracing Times with Cecilia introduces a new character to the Dr. Samantha Wrighting novels and is the first charting Cecilia St.Winthropson's orthodontic adventures. Still, in college she's considering a career in orthdontics, and Bracing Times with Cecilia shows the first big steps she takes in that direction. Narrated by her new boyfriend, Roger, the novel explores what led her to get braces again at age twenty — and what drives her to immerse herself more and more into orthodontics.

    A novel of discovery and self-discovery, Bracing Times with Cecilia shows two people overcoming the many barriers that braces can be — but Bracing Times with Cecilia is also the story of a whirlwind wired courtship and fling, leaving open the question of where Cecilia's orthodontic aspirations will lead them.

Available from Lulu in print and as ebook

Or buy Bracing Times with Cecilia on Kindle in the US (for just $ 5.99) or Kindle in the UK (or Germany or France !)

    A reminder: Dr. Samantha Wrighting isn't your typical orthodontist. Bracing Times with Cecilia is a work of fiction, and so there is some exaggeration and fantasy involved. Because of this it is probably not suitable for younger (pre-teen) readers, or impressionable readers who have not yet visited an actual orthodontist.

     Bracing Times with Cecilia is an Erotic Orthodontic Encounter and includes some sexual situations and stimulation. It is not very explicit, but it is for mature readers.

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    Our orthodontic fiction is solely meant as entertainment, not information that patients or their parents should rely on. Always consult a dentist or orthodontist about any questions about orthodontic treatment.

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