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131 pages     •     ISBN: 978-1-4116-8164-4     •     $16.00

A Dr. Samantha Wrighting novel
by Catherine Aimes

    Even when the braces come off, there are still retainers to deal with. Lauren gets hers just before her 15th birthday and in Retainer Girl describes the adjustments she has to make on what is one more step along the way to growing up and getting and keeping her perfect smile.
    Retainer Girl is about the whole experience of having braces, as Lauren also looks back on what she went through and how she dealt with it. She remembers the hardships and the embarrassing moments, as well as the grwoing satisfaction of knowing her smile was being transformed by all that wire an metal. And she finds that leaving the braces and the regular appointments at the orthdontist behind isn't as easy as she had imagined. She'll even miss them in a way.
    The retainers are another stepping stone bringing her closer to being an adult, making the transition both easier and harder. Having braces and then retainers is a hardship a lot of the time, but it also helps her along.

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    A reminder: Dr. Samantha Wrighting isn't your typical orthodontist. Retainer Girl is a work of fiction, and so there is some exaggeration and fantasy involved. Because of this it is probably not suitable for younger (pre-teen) readers, or impressionable readers who have not yet visited an actual orthodontist.
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    Our orthodontic fiction is solely meant as entertainment, not information that patients or their parents should rely on. Always consult a dentist or orthodontist about any questions about orthodontic treatment.

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